Controller.jpg (210362 bytes)
Logic board installed in a control module

loopplug.jpg (24434 bytes)
Top cap and loop plug of the prototype cavity

pcavityres.jpg (14426 bytes)
Plot of the prototype cavity.

Actual set-up of an installed cavity
pluntube.jpg (52022 bytes)
Cavity calibration
pluntube.jpg (52022 bytes)
Plunger tube trim
adjmount.jpg (47539 bytes)
Cutting the adjuster mounts
adjusters.jpg (47990 bytes)
Completed adjuster mounts
cavities.jpg (35301 bytes)
Top of the cavities
cavtop.jpg (36324 bytes)
Close-up of the loop plug
cabinet.jpg (18519 bytes)
Cabinet ready to go to site.
room.jpg (21078 bytes)
Installed and working. (MB7IQP on its side)
antclose.jpg (38622 bytes)
Preparing the aerial
aerial.jpg (24651 bytes)
Aerial now at 30ft AG + 500ft ASL

More details and photos will be added soon.
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